Training As You Approach and Surpass 40…

As we approach and surpass our 40s we can still push our body’s to amazing levels of strength and fitness if we choose to do so. I have personally worked with people in their 60s that went from sedentary to fit and extremely strong humans. The important piece to consider is how we structure our training as well as our mindset. Understanding that our muscles, tendons, and ligaments are not the same as they were is important. Being patient with ourselves and setting up a process for success is crucial.

A huge mistake I consistently see is people finding the motivation to train and become healthy, only to get discouraged with injury or a relapse in lack of motivation. All of these scenarios are usually due to not having a plan except to just workout. Many do what they “used to do” or they jump into a program that is completely inappropriate for them at that time. If you haven’t trained in years and you start your old lifting routine from your 20s you will most likely not last long. Same goes for people that decide to jump into a hard core group training program that some movie star is doing. It feels great until it doesn’t.

Training should add to your life, not deplete it. We have changed in how we move and ramping up our training to build mobility, strength, and conditioning is crucial. Think incremental gains over a period of time. Not ass kicking results in only a few weeks. The more intense and the more aggressive you start, the easier it is to quit and fizzle. Five consistent training session per week at a moderate intensity, trumps 3 ass kickers that leave you overly tired or slightly injured.

Here are a couple videos where I break down a few concepts.

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