Gym, Weight Room, and
Functional Workout Areas

The Best Gym in Tucson for
Strength Training and Fitness

Tucson Strength’s open gym offers the perfect combination of fitness center amenities and equipment for serious strength training and bodybuilding.

We have the widest selection of tools to get you stronger, build muscle, and get the weight training workout you are looking for.

Our full weight room includes everything from squat racks to dumbbells, weight machines, aerobic equipment, functional training area, and more. With over 12,000 square feet of gym space, we have multiple areas dedicated to each type of training

We foster a unique, respectful, and welcoming training environment for individuals of all fitness levels who are serious about their improving their strength, health, and fitness.

Our facility is not designed for mindless exercise and endless selfies (although a few selfies is fine!). Members are required to follow a code of conduct to help us maintain our positive gym culture.

If you are ready to work out in a positive environment with all the equipment for serious resistance training, then Tucson Strength is the place for you!

Squat Racks, Deadlift Platforms, & Olympic Lifting Area

When it comes to barbell training, we are bar-none the one-stop-shop for all your weight training needs.

Whether you need a deadlift platform, Olympic lifting area, or squat rack, you won’t find yourself waiting for lifting equipment at Tucson Strength.

Our selection of specialty barbells includes all of the following equipment:

  • Olympic lifting barbells
  • Deadlift & squat bars for powerlifting
  • Safety squat bars
  • Buffalo bars
  • Hex bar/Trap bars
  • Fat grip barbells

Our weight plate options cover all the bases, including:

  • Machined and Calibrated Plates
  • Bumper plates
  • Competition lifting plates

As your complete facility for powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and general strength training, we have the equipment for beginner and advanced lifters alike.d

Dumbbells & Weight Machines

Get pumped up with our complete selection of dumbbells and fixed-range weight machines. Whether you are bodybuilding, hitting your accessory lifts, or just following a comprehensive fitness program, we have what you need.

Our dumbbell weights range from 5 pounds to 150 pounds, catering to all levels of strength.
Our fixed range machines include the following equipment types:

  • Chest press
  • Lat pulldown
  • Incline press
  • Shoulder press
  • Leg press
  • Belt squat machine
  • Seated row
  • Hamstring curl
  • Leg extensions
  • Reverse hyper
  • Hip thrust machines

No matter what workout program you follow, our combination of free weights and fitness center equipment ensures you can hit all your different exercises.

Kettlebells & Functional Training

For functional training, we have offer an complete with 20 x 8 yard turf area, floor space, and a wide selection of training equipment for every variety of training. From kettlebell training to plyometrics and sled work, you can get the complete functional workout you need.

Our functional training equipment includes:

  • Kettlebells
  • Plyo boxes
  • Weighted sleds
  • Agility ladders
  • Monkey bar system, cargo net, & climbing ropes
  • Foam rollers and myofascial tools
  • Battle ropes

Aerobic & Cardio Equipment

If cardio is your thing, we have you covered as well. From warmups to endurance training and HIIT-style workouts, our selection of aerobic equipment includes the following:

  • Assault bikes
  • Treadmills
  • Ski ergs
  • Rowing machines
  • Jacob’s ladder
  • Ellipticals

Open Gym Hours

Our locally owned gym is open for daily use from 4:30AM to 11PM.

That’s right, we have you covered whether you are an early bird or night owl. Please note we are only available for tours and guest passes between 9am-8pm M-F, and 9am-3pm on the weekends.
Lift at your convenience using the widest array of workout equipment available in Tucson.

Our open gym use pricing includes the following options. For a complete list of our service pricing options, view our pricing page

MTM Autopay

with enrollment fee
$ 65 Per month
  • $60 enrollment fee + 12RFID
  • Only a 30 day notice to cancel


with enrollment fee
$ 59 6 Months
  • $60 enrollment fee + $12RFID
  • After 6 month Commitment 30 day notice to cancel

MTM Autopay

$ 79 Per month
  • Only a 30 day notice to cancel
  • $12 RFID Fee on Signup

6 MONTH Autopay

$ 65 Per month
  • After 6 month commtiment 30 day notice to cancel
  • $12 RFID Fee on Signup

Premium membership

Month to Month
$ 105 Per month
  • +$12 RFID on Sign up
  • No Enrollment Fee
  • Recovery Room and Bring a Friend Membership Included
  • Only a 30 day notice to cancel

3 Month Paid in Full

Open Access Memebrship
$ 245 3 Months
  • +$12 RFID on Sign up
  • Paid in full No Autopay


Open Access Memebrship
$ 350 6 Months
  • +$12 RFID Fee on Sign up
  • Paid in Full No Autopay

1 Year Paid in Full

$ 675 Per Year
  • $12 RFID Fee on Signup
  • Paid in Full No Autopay
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