Code of Condut

You can view our entire code of conduct and Extended Hours and Usage Policy here. Failure to follow any of our code of conduct can result in immediate termination of your membership with no refunds of dues paid.

Safety Policy

Our gym is equipped with some of the finest equipment in the world. It is your responsibility to understand how to use and operate the equipment safely and responsibly. Failure to follow safety protocols could result in severe injury or death. While bench pressing and squatting many of our benches and racks are equipped with spotter arms. It is your responsibility to set them up to your body type prior to executing a lift. It is also highly recommended to ask for spotters when possible. It is mandatory to set spotter arms up on benches and squats when lifting after hours.

Our after hour policy may or may not have staff present while the gym is open. You are not to open the doors for anyone if the doors are locked. Do not let anyone come in behind you. Close the door after you enter. Unless you purchase a bring a friend membership you are not allowed to bring guests into the gym during extended hours. If you do have a bring a friend membership, each friend must have a waiver on file prior to their visit. Failure to follow these rules will result in immediate termination of your membership.

The gym has posted closing hours. You must leave the gym prior to those hours our your membership will be terminated. Flood lights around the inside of the gym will light up 5 minutes prior to the gym closing. The main lights in the gym will shut off shortly after. Please exit the gym immediately when the main gym lights turn off.

If there is an emergency after hours please call 911. If you notice something suspicious and need to contact management please call our 24/7 gym line that is posted at the exit of the gym 520-633-6692

General Code of Conduct

We are a community. Please respect everyone.

VIDEO AND PICTURES: You may video tape or record yourself. Do not record anyone else. If you post to social media be mindful of who is in your background. Calling other members out or highlighting them, even in the background will be an instant termination of membership.

RERACK YOUR WEIGHTS: This isn’t a big box gym. We do no tolerate plates being left on equipment.

WEAR A SHIRT INDOORS: No training shirtless inside the gym. Training without a shirt is allowed in our outdoor gym. Bodybuilding posing is allowed without a shirt.

DON’T HOG EQUIPMENT: Let others work in between sets if possible. Taking extended amounts of time cruising social media between sets is inconsiderate.

STEROIDS: We are strength gym. If are on them, keep it to yourself. Distribution or use of illegal PED’s are not tolerated at Tucson Strength. You will be terminated immediately if this is violated.

NO OUTSIDE PERSONAL TRAINING: You are not allowed to bring outside trainers to Tucson Strength. The only trainers that are allowed to train you at our facility are our staff and contracted trainers.

YOU BREAK IT YOU BOUGHT IT: If you make a mistake and break our equipment you will be charged the full replacement value of that equipment. This includes dumping a bar and slamming them on safeties. If you bend a bar you will be charged for it.

CONTROL YOUR KIDS: We do not offer day care. Kids can sit in our common area and read a book or play on a tablet. Kids cannot be on the equipment or allowed to run around the gym during your workout.

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