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I am so glad I found Tucson Strength gym! My adult children love training here, and I had a great first experience today! The owners and staff are so friendly and welcoming and helpful, the place is super clean with good lighting and space, and they have all the equipment and support for all levels of strength training.
Response from the owner: Thank you Bonnie for joining us today!!
Great place to workout, friendly staff and amazing community. Thank you Tucson Strength!
Excellent equipment, love the outdoor option.
Response from the owner: Thank you
I have been going here for about a month already for personal training. Tucson Strength is so clean and welcoming, All of the staff is professional and friendly. Danny has been the best trainer. Coaching great form, and pushing me when needed. I highly recommend Tucson Strength!
Proud to have been a member of this gym since 2021. It's a safe environment that is committed to excellence.
Response from the owner: thanks Big man. Appreciate it.
This gym is absolutely amazing! The community is comprised of the most genuine, kind people. From the minute you walk in, you know this is not just another gym. This place is special. It is always clean and safe and you don’t get any of the attitude I’ve seen at other gyms in AZ and CA. Danny has created a gym with the biggest heart. They are always finding ways to serve and help others. They have made a tremendous impact tangibly helping the rescue dogs within our organization and across Southern Arizona and each year, they come together to help families in need at Christmas in extraordinary fashion. I’ve noticed that at Tucson Strength you can just go work out… you will find everything you need in their indoor and outdoor gym areas, just get it done. Or you can go work out and become part of their family, which these days is a treasure. Either way, Tucson Strength is literally strengthening Tucson and I’m so thankful for this gym and its incredible people. Top shelf. Ten stars.
Response from the owner: Thank you. We ❤️ The Sanctuary project
This place is very nice and everyone is always willing to help with smiles on their face. Personally I am into their weightlifting section and they have so many choices when it comes to bars, weights, clips, belts, and even chalks that you can purchase. Nothing bad to say about this facility. I really enjoy coming here everyday
Response from the owner: ❤️❤️❤️
This facility is very nice everyone is very nice im glad I can go to a place where I won’t feel judged as a big girl this is a very comfortable place to workout. Everyone greets you with a smile it gives me motivation to go even more. If your in Tucson Az please come here
Response from the owner: Thank you so much.
I have been consistently working out at Tucson Strength for over a year now and it is wonderful. Very personable staff and owner. It truly is a judgement-free zone regardless of what time you come. Plus they have great hours to accommodate everyone’s schedules. You can come anywhere between 4:30 AM or 10:00 PM and the crowds are just as friendly and helpful/supportive. My entire family works out at Tucson Strength. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Tucson Strength to anyone, regardless of their fitness level or goals.
Response from the owner: We appreciate you Alix!!
Tucson Strength has been my home for the past year. I've been sort of displaced with CrossFit boxes in the Tucson area, and the gym had everything I needed to do my own programming. The best part about this gym is definitely the incredibly friendly staff and coaches. One time I asked the gym owner, Danny, the distance around their outdoor tent in meters so I could do my running workout accurately. He spent almost 10 minutes figuring it out for me. Does your gym owner do that? I don't think so. I also did a personal training session with Anthony for help on gymnastics work and he is incredibly knowledgeable and helped me improve my body weight strength.Also, when you sign up for a membership at Tucson Strength, the staff will get to know your face and your name. They say hello to you when you walk in the door. There's truly no other gym like it.The only reason I'm leaving Tucson Strength is because I missed having a traditional CrossFit box. But, dang, am I ever going to miss this gym.
Response from the owner: Thank you Caitlyn
Thanks Danny for the presentation and education in the ERC Group today. Both Ember and myself support you! Stay strong
Response from the owner: Thank you. looking forward to getting to know all of you.
10/10 favorite gym in Tucson! And I’ve been to quite a few of the other locally owned facilities over the past decade. Danny created something amazing and I’m glad I get to be a part of the Tucson Strength community.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much. We are grateful that you are a part of our community Rene.
Great gym, high quality equipment, always adding more. There’s so much stuff here that you won’t find at a commercial gym that helped make me a more well rounded athlete. Lots of serious lifters and great trainers who you can learn a lot from just by being around. great for anyone, beginners to advanced lifters. Best gym in Tucson hands down
Response from the owner: Ta\hank you Alex. We really appreciate the review. Thanks for being a part of our community.
Response from the owner: thanks for the 1 star!!
Expensive and worth it. The community is hardworking and into their workouts, often times you can feel the intensity of the gym and it really gets you ready to work out. It's not a big gym but has all the important machines and if you're comfortable around weights this place will work great for you. Also has a smaller outside gym which in the summer is rough but is completely kitted with equipment. So far really happy with my sessions here.
Sometimes all I think about is you, late nights in the middle of June. Heat waves been faking me out, my GAINZ are happier now.
Response from the owner: 😂😂
By far best gym in town! Power lifting stations, tons of free weights and super friendly staff!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Mark. We appreciate it!!
This is just a fantastic place to get your workout in. I got the day pass (15$) because I was only visiting Tucson, but it was definitely worth it and I will be back to this place next time I’m in town! All the equipment you could ask for and a truly wonderful vibe - incl. the community which you can feel even as a visitor!
Response from the owner: Thank you! So happy you enjoyed your time with us! Hope to see you again soon.
I enjoyed a few day passes at Tucson Strength while visiting. If I lived in the area, this would 100% be where I go to work out! The equipment is stacked with amazing deadlift areas (hard to come by at big box gyms), there’s an outdoor area, the gym is spacious, and the staff / other members are friendly and serious about training. I hope to come back.
Good equipment, nice people and employees. Wide variety of things to do and people are always willing to help out if you need it.
Response from the owner: Thank you Sean. we appreciate the review.
Very rude on the phone. Stay far from here.
Response from the owner: Not sure what happened but feel free to email with a the details of your experience.
The best gym I’ve ever joined. Hands down. Would never have expected it to be in Tucson Arizona but this place is incredible.The equipment, the people, the health and wellness extras are all top tier. Really cool outdoor workout area for the winter months too.If you treat the place with respect it will feel like a second home.This placed helped me be the best version of myself. It will do the same for you.
Great gym and owner, plenty of equipment and space. Coaches are awsome and everyone there is very polite. Highly recommend if serious about getting fit and power lifting.
Response from the owner: thank you. we appreciate it!!
The atmosphere equipment and community here are amazing.
Absolutely love this place! Danny has done a phenomenal job of creating a great facility and has a friendly knowledgeable staff to help you reach your goals. I absolutely recommend.
Hands down the best gym I’ve ever belonged to, with the most down-to-earth and knowledgeable owner and staff I could hope to encounter.I came across Danny and Tucson Strength several years ago when looking for an intelligent and well-versed trainer when my daughter needed to build strength after suffering an ACL tear. Danny’s knowledge of functional movement and individual attention to my daughter made him stand out far above all the other trainers I spoke with. He and his staff understand that every body is different, so the attention to the unique characteristics of every body and personal goals - it is not a cookie cutter place where people just throw weights around in order to look good.After Danny worked with my daughter, I was impressed enough that I came back with a friend and began one-on-one personal training with Christian. We have stuck with this for over a year now, three times a week, and I cannot express my appreciation enough for the intelligence and personalization Christian brings to the workouts- but also a great personality that makes this 50-something woman feel at ease even though I am clearly not the “gym bro type”. There are lots of guys who work out here, too, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve never felt out of place nor confronted with women wearing heavy makeup and preening in the mirrors like I have been at other gyms.There is a huge range of clientele in terms of men and women of all ages- from younger teens to retired people, from people who compete in power lifting competitions to those stepping into the gym for the first time ever. What is astounding is that EVERY SINGLE PERSON is put at ease and is treated with respect and professionalism, both from staff and from every other member I’ve ever encountered.I personally had experience in lots of different kinds of gyms in my lifetime. I have played sports, done CrossFit, run marathons and worked out by myself and with trainers. My friend and workout partner had never lifted a weight before in her life before setting foot in Tucson Strength. For both of us, the gym and our workouts there with Christian are often the best parts of our week. We leave feeling positive and stronger, and never embarrassed or that we didn’t belong.Thank you, Danny, for putting together and running a fantastic place for people to work out. And thank you, Christian, for challenging us and making us stronger and more knowledgeable about our bodies, and somehow still allowing us to have fun while doing it. I cannot recommend a gym or trainer more highly.
Response from the owner: Thank You Jennie. this was amazing. We appreciate you and thank you so much for spending your time to write this.
Best gym in Tucson. Training and classes are first rate. If you want to get stronger, this is the place. It is a community with strong support from both members and staff.I still love this place. It is FUN! Staff is knowledgeable and approachable, facility is BEAUTIFUL! Danny is constantly looking to improve his gym. New, state of the art, equipment comes in often.
Response from the owner: thank you susan. we appreciate you a ton.
When I first moved to Tucson, I wanted a gym that reminded me of home. My last gym was family owned and ran, loaded with classic old school lifting equipment and no AC! Members were treated like family and I’ve found that here at Tucson Strength. I’ve been spoiled so much with the powerlifting equipment TS has that when I workout at other gyms I am greatly disappointed/underwhelmed. I appreciate the fact that Danny is always seeking to improve his gym whether it’s new equipment, new services (ready to eat me prep, nutrition coaching, sports recovery room) or new systems to make checking in after hours easier/convenient. The coaches are all so amazing. I look forward every day after work to see each of them. They always have a smile on their face and greet you when entering or leaving. Front desk staff are super welcoming and helpful with everything. I really really love this place. It’s so special ❤️
Response from the owner: You at the best. thank you for being such a a awesome part of our community
Excellent facility. I love training here. Ton of kettlebells, barbells and everything in between. Also have an outside facility. Staff are very friendly.
Response from the owner: Thank you my man!!
Danny is legit, this place is amazing and money well spent on membership. Non judgmental people lifting here and great classes. Do yourself a favor and sign up. Get fit and healthy.
Response from the owner: Thank you my man.
I really love it here! Group training is awesome and each instructor brings their own flair to their classes. Focus is on form and I love the reminders about keeping tight and which muscles to focus on. Gym hours are great for any schedule and parking is plentiful. Doesn’t hurt that it’s close to home either!
Response from the owner: Thank you Bernadette, we appreciate you.
My go to gym when I visit Tucson! There is great equipment and a very friendly staff.
Response from the owner: thank you Mark!!
Amazing facility! Offers a little bit of everything. Everything is organized perfectly. Environment is friendly and motivating. Only gym I will go to in Tucson. Completely unrelated, but the owner is a total hunk!
I'm not a regular, but was allowed to buy a pass today to test my maxes. The only thing preventing me from becoming a member is that the air force gym is free and closer. With that aside..- Very clean, new and diverse equipment available. Plenty of racks, benches, and deadlift platforms. SSBs, squat bars (55lbs), Deadlift bars, hex bars, camber bars, Oly equipment, indoor turf for conditioning, and round metal plates. If you're a powerlifter, this is the gym.- affordable. Also the options for a day pass were either pay for the pass, or purchase a shirt instead. That was a no brainer, so we bought two shirts!- staff/owners are clearly lifters themselves, reasonable and knowledgeable.- great hours and location, open early until late at night. They also offer prepped meals inside, although I didn't try any.- accessible to elite athletes and novice lifters. They host lifting programming classes including/up to a peak and mock meet. New lifters can feel comfortable learning in this environment. At the same time, I saw a guy deadlift about 700lbs for reps.No complaints at all! Again, I'd register if logistically it made sense to me, due to money and travel time, it simply does not (for now!) I'll come back for mock meets as long as I am welcome.
Response from the owner: thank you!!! we appreciate you.
Friendly environment. Lindsey at the front desk was a sweetheart. I won’t go into detail, but the staff went above and beyond what they had to for my friend and I.The gym comes equipped with Olympic lifting platforms with a plethora of plates and barbells. I know this place is serious because their plates were in kilos going down to 0.5kg. It also looked like they had powerlifting equipment and a turf area for metcons and sled pulls.I’ve been driving across the US the past couple of months and I’d rate this gym among the highest for its atmosphere, equipment and staff. The drop in fee was 15 dollars- highly worth and would definitely come again.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! We appreciate it.
Response from the owner: thank you very much Jared!
Clean, great equipment,wonderful professional owners and staff.Best gym in town!
TL;DR: This place is amazing and you want to work out here.This place is the best. It is hands down the best gym I've ever been apart of (and I've been apart of many). From personal training to the barbell club to open gym--I have everything good to say about Tucson Strength. The trainers here are knowledgeable and kind and provide a ton of support--even if you're not their client. The personal training is actually worth the cost--it's effective and educational. Everyone is so friendly--the staff and the members. People learn and remember your name. They remember what's going on with you and they ask how you're doing. The owner Danny is just a remarkable human and has helped me so much over the last couple years. He's generous with his time and knowledge and also hilarious. I've struggled with consistency and he just keeps trudging with me to figure out what's best for me and what I need. I'm so grateful for that. The gym is always clean when I'm there, there's lots of equipment (esp. stuff you don't see at other gyms) and space...the turf area is great for pushing sleds and stretching and it's large enough that I don't feel like I'm on top of other people to stretch comfortably. The outdoor area is dope too and even though I rarely use it, I like having the option. Tucson Sports Recovery also has a space in the gym and they've helped me a ton. Massages and dry needling have helped keep me functioning well. Shout out Noah/Graham/Jody--y'all are great. 5 stars for you guys too. The biggest thing for me at Tucson Strength I think is..it's safe. I feel safe there and I feel welcomed there and I feel like people care and that's not something I can say for all the other gyms I've been to.A+, two thumbs up, double high fives--Tucson Strength, you're killin' it.
Response from the owner: We love you. thanks so much
Great gym and great people!
Response from the owner: Thank you Renee!!
Great place to train and learn! Great lifting buddies, such a positive atmosphere, where everyone has goals, and we all encourage each other! Something for everyone here! Only place I want to be! Love my Tucson Strength & Tucson Barbell Team Family!
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