Hassle Free Gym Tour

I started my career in the big box gyms working the front desk and sales. We were trained to sell and sell hard. Closing a deal was full of pressure tactics and uncomfortable situations. If you didn’t close the sale you called the prospective buyer endlessly to get them back in to buy a membership, your job depended on it. When I started Tucson Strength in 2010 I promised to never pressure anyone to purchase anything they didn’t want or didn’t see value in.

When you walk into Tucson Strength we will ask for some basic information, discuss your your goals, and then show you our services that are a fit for what you are looking for. We never try and do a hard upsell to services you don’t need.  You will know right away whether or not we are for you. If you decide we are for you Great, welcome to our community! If you decide we aren’t, you may get an email from us to follow up and that is about it. We believe in treating people how we like to be treated and no one likes to be talked down to or pressured into anything.

We encourage you to come and see the Tucson Strength Difference. Call or email us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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