We are really excited to have our New Near Infrared Therapy Room almost done. The Platimum LED Biomax 900. This Unit has wavelengths of 630,650,810,830,and 850. The best part is you can actually control which wavelengths you want.

NIR does not produce heat. the lights actually penetrate your tissues and cause your body to produce its own energy which creates heat from the inside out.

* Reduce Inflammation
*Improve Circulation
*Improve Recovery
*Improve skin health
*Reduce Pain

We also installed an Infrared light for those that would like to add a small amount of Infrared Heat Therapy to the treatment.

We are now offering recovery packages exclusive to members of Tucson Strength for $30/month. Recovery memberships will include NIR, Normatec Compression Therapy, and Hyperice Massage tools.

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