Hunger is a Part of Weight Loss

Weight loss is something that most Americans battle with. It’s simple right? Just eat less and burn more calories. When you are young cutting back on dessert or cutting soda out can get the job done, but as we age it can become a little more complex. Exercise should always be a part of the equation, but out exercising too many calories is not nearly as effective or efficient as we hope. Burning 300 calories can take a solid 30 minutes of work. When you look at how much food 300 calories represents you have to weigh out your options of what you actually need in your diet.

The problem with nutrition is it can be very emotional. Many of us know we are emotionally eating but many people will either not admit It or not realize that they are eating as much as they are because of the emotional component. If you are always eating to be full and satiated and doing that multiple times per day, or find yourself hungry 90 minutes after a meal and needing to pick at more food till you feel comfortable you are eating emotionally or just eating poor quality food. It is important to understand that if you are looking to lose weight, feeling a little hungry and leaving room in the tank is a part of the process..

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