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Earlier this week Pavel Tsatsouline and Mark Toomey from StrongFirst invited me to be a Team Leader for their organization. It is a huge honor to be promoted by such an amazing company. When Pavel, the man that brought kettlebell training to the United States and has revolutionized strength training in America asks you to be a part of his team you say yes! As a result of accepting my new assignment, I will have to resign as an RKC certified instructor. Unfortunately there is a conflict of interest being involved in both organizations. The path that StrongFirst is taking will continue to revolutionize the strength training industry and I am very excited to be involved in the leadership of this company. With this promotion there will also be many opportunities for us to host and teach numerous daylong Barbell bodyweight and kettlebell courses. Evolution Tucson will continue to be a training hub for StrongFirst.

Pavel and StrongFirst taught the first Bodyweight Certification in the United States at  Evolution Fitness this past spring  and will return 2 more times this Summer. They will teach the First Barbell Certification in the United states this July at our faciity,  and another Bodyweight Certification in September.  I want to thank everyone that has been a part of my journey and I am very grateful to Pavel and Mark for giving me the opportunity with their organization.

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