Follow Along Mobility Session

Full Body Follow Along Mobility Session

Mobility Training is one of the biggest reasons people come into our gym for help.  Without mobility, there is no Strength. Mobility refers to the ability to actively take a joint through a range of motion. Flexibility is how far you can passively take a joint through a range of motion. if you lie on your back and have someone grab your foot and bring your leg up strait till it can’t go up any further is your Flexibility range of motion. They are passively moving your joint through a range of motion. Now having you, from that same position actively raise your let up as high as it can go is an example of mobility. Though both are important, mobility is a combination of flexibility and strength.  

The series in the video above is a good full body series that offers some dynamic movement that will help warm you up to train and it is also a good everyday practice for overall fitness.

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