Fitness can be an uphill battle. It is tough and a lot to maneuver through. The most important thing to have is Grit and perseverance. You are not always going to be on top of the world or feeling awesome. The key is to stay in the game. We see people cancel gym memberships all the time because they have an ouchy. They have a sore shoulder or a tweaked knee. All of a sudden they can’t exercise anything? They use an injury as an excuse to quit. So many people just give up on fitness because they don’t have the “time” or “energy” to go the gym. What people need to do is replace that excuse with, My health and fitness are not important to me right now, or they aren’t a priority for me. People need to get honest. When they free themselves up and admit fitness isn’t important for them, they can focus on things that are. Battling out the guilt isn’t worth it. If on the other hand it is a priority for them, they have to treat it as such and actually prioritize their health and fitness and stop making excuses.

At Tucson Strength we are tight group that cares about our community and their progress, but we can’t push water uphill. We create an amazing environment, great programming, and a community like no other, but we can’t make you want it or force you to show up. We are here to help anyone that needs a hand, but can’t make something a priority for you.

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