Easy Mobility Series

There are a ton of mobility programs out there and many of them work. Here is a sample of one of the series that we have put together that is simple and effective.If you are lifting lots of weights and just jumping on the foam roller for your mobility follow along and give this a shot. It will go a lot further than just soft tissue work.  Spend 15-25minutes on this series. If there is a stretch you really like do a couple sets of it or hold it longer.

The key is to practice often, don’t over do it with tension and be consisent. This series really works on the lats which is a culprit in tons of other issues. Light lats cause tight hips, shoulders, elbows, you name it.
Starting with some foam rolling of the hips and lats before doing this isn’t a bad idea as well as practicing some diaphragmatic breathing. Didn’t include these in the video to save time.

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