Basics of Wearing A Weightlifting Belt

So many people buy a belt, put it on super tight and think the belt will magically make your more stable and stronger. Worse is when they put on a belt and just push the abdominals against the front of the belt. This only de-stabilizes the trunk. When taking in a deep breath, its important to shove the air down and apply pressure throughout the trunk. you should feel your abdominals, obliques, and lower back push against that belt. Your compressed air is creating the tension against the belt evenly. Also, not covered in the video. Get a good 10mm leather belt. 13mm is great but usually unnecessary for most lifters. if you have a smaller trunk getting a tapered belt might be a good choice. Thin velcro belts are no a good choice as a lifting belt. Also, ditch the old school belts with the huge back pads. A standard 4″ belt is good for most people.

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