How to Improve Your Kettlebell Snatch

At our Strength and Conditioning Facility in Tucson Arizona we work with kettlebells, barbells, sleds and many other really great pieces of equipment. One thing we really talk about is why are you doing a certain exercise or program. As personal trainers we have a duty to direct our clients and ensure that they are prepared to handle specific exercises and decide whether or not those exercises will get them to thier specific goals. The kettlebell snatch is a very explosive movement that offers great benefits in power development as well as conditioning. Many people take on the kettlebell snatch and put themselves at great risk for injury because they immediately go after volume and let the technique suffer. A few bad reps here and there may not cause a catastrophic event, but pile on hundreds of reps and you could have some issues. These few tips can make a big difference in improving your kettlebell snatch form and technique and may save your shoulders and hands in the long run.

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