Fascial Stretch Therapy At Tucson Strength

Fascial Stretch therapy in tucson

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a great way to improve flexibility and mobility, increase performance, and improve recovery. If you are heavily involved in strength training, mobile muscles are the other side of the sword that is needed for improved performance. If you are constantly tightening up your muscles and they become stiff, your ability to stretch then contract the muscle is limited. Many muscles stay tight and in a contracted position even while at rest. When this occurs, it limits blood supply to the tissue, which decreases recovery time.

Adding FST to your training program will help your performance greatly. Many misconceptions are that stretching is painful, but FST sessions are not painful at all. Our therapist will  work with your body to gradually increase range of motion without overdoing the stretch.

Our therapist, Jessica Van Asselberg is a life long athlete. She is a world record holder in powerlifting and knows what an athlete needs. Her clientele consists of athletes, everyday people, and elderly clients looking to move better and feel better. 

Jessica does 30minute, 60 minute, and 90 minute sessions. For more information visit our FST page. To schedule an appointment please call the front desk at (520) 445-6800. 

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