Fundraiser for Sanctuary Project

What is Lift Heavy Love Dogs?

We absolutely love dogs here at Tucson Strength and we have partnered with The Sanctuary Project, a local Tucson dog rescue that is out there saving lives of these precious pups. It is heartbreaking what we are seeing on a daily basis in our shelters. Too many innocent pups are being put down at no fault of their own.

We’ve put together a fun day of strength for everyone to compete in. All registration fees and proceeds collected from this event will go directly to The Sanctuary Project! We know how many people love dogs and want to help, so this will be a great event that is open to all.

dog rescue in tucosn
Dog Rescue Tucson

WHO is the sanctuary Project

TSP is a local rescue that has organized a network of foster families around the state. They rescue high risk dogs from death row. They fully support each animal in their network with food, veterinarian care, and anything else the pup needs. 100% of all the money they collect goes directly to the animals. No one on their staff pulls a paycheck; it is 100% volunteer run. This means when you donate money to them, it goes directly to a bag of food, spaying or neutering, or any other medical need the dogs may have. Many times this organization is depending on immediate donations to take care of the animals in their care.


Saturday, January 20th at Tucson Strength from 10am – 1pm

Arrive at 10:00am for registration; we’ll start running the circuit at 10:30am

We put together an event that everyone can participate ina timed  strength circuit:

  • 40 yard Sled Drag (men 300 lbs,  women 225 lbs)
  • 40 yard Sled Push (men 175 lbs,  women 135 lbs)
  • 40 yard Farmers Carry (men 190 lbs,  women 115 lbs)

(We will scale down the weights for people that want to participate to support the event and have fun!)

Fastest time for Men and Women with the prescribed weights will win Lift Heavy Love Dogs plaque for their wall.

What will it cost to enter

We are asking $50 to enter the event, and all participants will receive a Lift Heavy Love Dogs T-Shirt. We’re also planning a raffle with numerous prizes during the event. Raffle tickets can be purchased at the event with cash and we plan on having extra shirts for sale during the event!

All proceeds from this event will go directly to The Sanctuary Project. 

Other Ways to get involved


Sponsors can help in many ways!

Platinum Sponsor $300
  • Logo on Back of Shirt
  • Logo on Website with Link to website or social media page
  • Logo on any print material such as posters
  • Social Media Shout Outs
  • 1 Entry to compete in the event
Sponsor $150
  • Logo on website with link to website or social media page
  • Social Media Shoutouts

Sponsorship can be be direct contributions or an in-kind gift that would be suitable for our raffle prizes.

Other ways to help

Show up and support the event by buying a T-shirt, bringing a gift card from Petsmart or Petco, buying a raffle ticket, or donating directly to The Sanctuary Project!


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