Is it the program? Is it the wraps? Is it the pre workout? Is it the shoes?

If you have no clue what the last sentence is about then I have completely dated myself. Just for your reference here is a blast from the past of my youth…. 

Recently I have had some insights into my own training. Always looking for the perfect program or cue or supplement that will just give that little push or boost in training. After years of not training training with a barbell I decided to really train with a focus of training for powerlifting a few years ago. I decided if I was going to do it I would go all out. I purchased the belt, the knee sleeves, wrist wraps, and squat shoes. I bought all of this stuff because after seeing many powerlifters use these things I felt that it was necessary to have these base pieces of equipment.  I think they are all useful in training but knowing exactly what is needed and how to use them is crucial.

Lets talk about the shoes….. In the world of youtube I have seen world class powerlifters lift in Converse and many other really strong peopel using weightlifting shoes. Which is better? Does the weight lifting shoe give some sort of advantage over the flat soled Chuck’s? If you are an Olympic Weightlifter or a Crossfit Athlete then Olympic Shoes are a must for the Olympic Lifts, but what about for Powerlifting Squats?… Here is a solid article that gives some insights on which shoe works best for you..