I’ve always been a relatively active person. I danced (ballet and modern) from 8 to 20, starting practicing yoga in 2006 (starting teaching yoga in 2014) and generally enjoy running around and climbing trees and jumping off rocks. I am not someone who grew up in a gym. In fact, I didn’t go into a ‘regular’ gym until I was 25 or so.

I first started strength training when I was working at a little boutique gym downtown. They had Yoga and Indoor Cycling classes and soon introduced Kettlebell and Bootcamp classes into the mix. This was my first experience with swinging a kettlebell and trying stuff like flipping tires and doing pullups. My time there was an amazing opportunity to see what my body could do in a way that I hadn’t experienced through yoga or dance.

A couple years later I started working at Evolution Fitness. I kept working with kettlebells, earned my StrongFirst cert, and started learning more about Powerlifting. Both Kettlebells and Powerlifting have changed me inside and out. Moving heavy (for me) weights makes me feel like nothing else. I’m not going to be setting any Powerlifting records (at least not anytime soon) but the work of training 3-4 times a week, through days that feel awesome and days that feel shitty has made me much more disciplined and confident and capable. This physical and mental strength transfers over to everything else I do. My yoga practice has changed dramatically from my increased body awareness and strength thanks to my work in the gym. Strength training connected so many dots for me and has helped me to move better with less imbalances and without low back pain. When I want to go rock climbing one weekend or help my friend move or try something I’ve never done before, I can do these things without a second thought.

Now I teach strength training in class and to personal training clients and I can see firsthand the difference it makes for many women of all ages and backgrounds