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We are offering open access gym memberships for those that take their training seriously and know what they are doing. No more deadlifting on hex plates, searching for a strait bar, or waiting for a squat rack because someone wants to use it to curl in. If you understand the fundamentals or an experienced athlete and need a new home you have found it. If you are new to working out, we do have many programs we offer that can help you become more proficient in strength training before taking full advantage of our Open Access Strength & Conditioning Facility. Call us today for info on how to sign up, our number is 520.445.6800.

We are projected to open by January 2, 2019, there is a possibility of opening sometime in December 2018. When you sign up for one of our pre-sale memberships you will pay for your enrollment, first month, and barcode. You won’t be billed again till February 2019 even if we open early in December.

For more info please visit our FAQ SHEET


  • Numerous Squat Cages and Adjustable Stands with hand jacks
  • Competition benches with hand jacks
  • Top of the Line Powerlifting Bars and Specialty Bars
  • Belt Squat Machine, Reverse Hyper, 8Deadlifting Platforms
  • Olympic Weightlifting Area with kg bumpers
  • Obstacle Course Monkey Bar Rig with Peg Boards, and numerous other features
  • Climbing Ropes and Cargo Net
  • And Much More!

Above everything else we are a community at Tucson Strength. We expect each of our members to respect one another and the facility. We have a code of conduct each one of our members must agree to. To view the Code of Conduct in full, click here. Call us today for info on how to sign up, our number is 520.445.6800.