As of July 6th we are open in our outdoor facility. We have professionally installed tents up outside that can handle the weather! We have also installed cooling systems and fans underneath the tents. It isn’t perfect, but it sure is awesome.

Of course we couldn’t fit an entire 12,000sqft facility into 2 large tents, but we did our best to give our people great equipment to train with. We are certain our outdoor area has more squat racks than the big box gyms.


Numerous Bench Press, Squat Racks, and Deadlifting areas. Dumbbells, some cable machines, and some key cardio pieces. We will do our best to accommodate our members.


Open gym members are welcome to come during our open hours to lift. We will be adjusting hours over the next month as we get used to the outdoor area. Check our Google page for updated hours..

We will have a capacity limit on our training space. If it starts to get busy we will go to a 1 in 1 out policy. Please get your workouts done in a timely manner. It will probably be best to get your pre-stretching and basic warmup movements done at home before coming to the gym. When you are done with training, please hang out outside the gym training area in the parking lot if you want to chat it up. We know our Powerlifters take their time for training, but again be mindful, 90 minutes should be more than enough time to get your main lifts in. Thanks for understanding.

Just because we are outside doesn’t mean COVID doesn’t exist. We need to keep distance from one another. We will still wipe down equipment as always and wear masks when we can’t distance.  Bathrooms, Lockers, and Water bottle fill station is open inside, but no training is allowed indoors.



Right now we will NOT be offering day passes, guest passes, VIP Guest passes or short term memberships.

We are accepting New Memberships. If you are interested in joining with us please email us through our contact box and we will contact you shortly. We will be putting a cap on our open gym membership as we get busier. If you are interested in signing up contact us soon. We are not offering discounts at this time, we have invested a significant amount of money into pulling off this outdoor training facility. Click here for our current pricing options!


Group training times are up for registration. The schedule is up online. We are asking that you RSVP with at least 4 hours in advance of your class time. If there are no RSVP’s for a class within that time frame the class will be cancelled. If 1 person is RSVP’d we will teach the class. Class sizes will be limited make sure to RSVP. If you can’t make it please take yourself off the list to allow for others join in.

TO GET MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION  CALL 520-445-6800 or Email us below