We are doing our best to follow all of the Mandates laid out by the Arizona Department of Health. Please REVIEW ALL THE GUIDELINES FOR REOPENING HERE.

Yes, we are enforcing masks inside the gym. We understand this is a controversial subject, but we are going to follow the mandate because we want to be able to keep our business open.

We don’t have wiggle room on this as it was part of the attestation form we filled out to re-open. We do however have an outdoor area open for training in in the fresh air. Masks are not required to train outdoors.

We are accepting New Memberships. If you are interested in joining with us please email us through our contact box or call 520-445-6800 and we will contact you shortly. Click here for our current pricing options.


Group training times are up for registration. Many group training classes are held outside depending on the weather. The schedule is up online. We are asking that you RSVP with at least 4 hours in advance of your class time. If there are no RSVP’s for a class within that time frame the class will be cancelled. If 1 person is RSVP’d we will teach the class. Class sizes will be limited make sure to RSVP. If you can’t make it please take yourself off the list to allow for others join in.

TO GET MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION  CALL 520-445-6800 or Email us below