We installed a large big top tent and moved the gym outside so we could comply with the Governors Mandate…..


We Strongly disagree with Governor Doug Ducey’s decision to close down gym. We are really in a tough position with this second round of closures. We completely see the seriousness of COVID and want to make sure we are doing our best to be responsible. I have strong opinions regarding the governor’s mandated shut down on gyms. He chose to shut down indoor gyms and fitness clubs and centers while allowing casinos, retail, and restaurants with bars to remain open. Closing gyms will not fix the problem. Closing gyms is at best an attempt to pretend he was taking action. During the last shut down we accumulated $30,000 in rents alone and we still paid utilities and payroll. The long-term viability of our business is at risk when forced to shut down indiscriminately especially when we have done what we can to comply. Many large gym chains in Phoenix have filed lawsuits against the government for a stay in the order and we are waiting to see what happens with that judgement on Monday July 6th.


Executive Order 2020-43 calls for closure of indoor gyms and fitness clubs or centers, so we’re moving our training outside. Many park workouts and outdoor businesses will remain open. We contracted a fencing company to come out and put security fencing around a large area of our back parking lot, as well as motion sensors and an alarm system. To create shade we are renting a larger commercial tent and setting up many smaller tents. We’ll cool the area with portable evaporative coolers and misters. Squat racks, benches, dumbbells, and some machines will move outside during this time. We’ll hold some group classes outside under the tents. look for an updated schedule when this goes live. If you have any tents, fans, or coolers we can borrow let me know.


We are having a huge tent installed Friday July, 3rd. Security Fencing has been installed. We plan on moving equipment outside Saturday July, 4th. Gym will be closed on Sunday and we plan on opening Monday, July 6th! We will possibly take a handful of new members. IF interested email us to apply for membership. We want to service our current members first and will take on a limited number of new members.


We’ll offer a couple of classes per day, RSVP required as always. Class numbers will be limited. Depending on how much equipment we are able to move outside we may also require reservations for open gym time. A class schedule and hours of operation will be posted as soon as possible. Even though we’ll be outside we expect you to keep the gym clean, maintain distance, and wear a mask when you can’t distance. We know none of this is optimal but we want to keep many of you active and training while working with all the variables.

Please feel free to message me with any questions.

Thank you all.


Many people are wondering what will happen with the gym and wearing a mask while exercising. We ask. that everyone where a mask when entering the gym. We understand that there are risks to exercising with a mask on. Use common sense. We don’t expect you to have your mouth covered while training hard. We do expect however that if you are not wearing a mask while doing your workout that you distance from others and act responsibly. If the gym becomes more crowded and distancing is more difficult you should do your best to cover up. If you have any medical pre-existing condition you are exempt from wearing a mask and we will not ask for details on your condition. You will see some people training in masks and others not. Members are not to confront anyone on their ability to wear a mask or not. Be Safe, Distance, and Keep the Equipment Clean. If You can wear a mask do, if you can’t, distance. Thanks for your understanding. We are doing our best to comply with the city mandate and offer a great training experience for our members.


If you are NOT a current member, Do NOT come before 9am any day of the week. We will not have the staffing to help you sign up for a membership. You can schedule a consultation or come between 9am and closing. If you show up at 5:30am on Monday morning to come workout without a membership you will be turned away and asked to come after 9am so our admin team can get you signed up.

We are looking for members, not people just looking to stop by because their current gym is still closed. We are a community gym that has some amazing equipment, coaching, and atmosphere. IF you are looking for a new home feel free to come by. We do have month and week passes or sale, but we are not offering free trial memberships. If you would like to purchase a day pass and realize you want to sign up that day we will credit your day pass towards your membership.



We take cleanliness and sanitation very seriously. You Must wipe down all the equipment after use. This is not a suggestions, but our policy.

We have hand sanitizer stations around the gym, but we encourage everyone to also bring their own as our supply chains are limited.

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