We are excited to be hosting the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge at Evolution Fitness on April 23, 2016. The TSC was one of our flagship events at Evolution Fitness in our first few years. It is a way for everyone to set a goal and go after it. It isn’t a competition with anyone, it is just a way for everyone to train, and become stronger. A way to set personal goals and be awesome.

What is the TSC?

It is an event that focuses on 3 lifts. The Max Deadlift, Pull-up, and Kettlebell Snatch Test. Each participant will train for the weeks leading up to this event to become stronger and more proficient in each lift. At the end of the program each student will then test themselves to see how far they have come.  Many people will say things like “I can’t do a pull-up so I can’t do the challenge!”  That isn’t true. For beginners they can do a flex arm hang, or they don’t have to participate in the pull-up and just kick some butt on the deadlift and Snatch Test. There are Novice, Open, and Elite Divisions.


The TSC is an expression of all of the training we do at Evolution Fitness. Our motto here is Train with Purpose and this event will allow you to showcase your handwork. We don’t compete with one another, this is an internal goal and everyone will have their own goals to work on. Think of it as a self challenge, not a competition with others. I can’t count the number of people that have participated in this event that have never done anything like it before and it has been an amazing personal accomplishment for them! People will cheer for a 100b deadlift the same as they cheer for a 500lb deadlift. We are very excited to host this and hope all of you will join us!

What does the TSC Cost?

You can officially register for the TSC on the StrongFirst Website(if we are not up on the site we will be shortly), there is a $25 Registration fee and the if you register by April 1st, you get a sweet shirt when you register. You will also be able to rank yourself on a leader board with people around the world to see where your numbers rank. This is very cool! If you don’t want to officially register, receive the awesome shirt, or be ranked, then chat with us at the gym to see some other options to still be involved and train with a purpose!

How Should you Train for the Tactical Strength Challenge?

We will have a few options at Evolution Fitness. During the week the following classes will be focusing on a deadlifting and pull-up program to help you prepare. Wednesday 6am, 8:30am, Thursday 7am and 6pm. We will be working in snatching progressions throughout the week in our kettlebell and conditioning programs as well!! We will also offer a TSC Prep Course and of course one on one sessions are always an option!


We highly recommend taking our TSC Prep Course on Saturday March 5th from 10:30-2:30pm. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THE TSC THIS COURSE WILL HELP YOU IN YOUR TRAINING AT EVOLUTION!

All three movements will become much easier and more comfortable

-You will get stronger more efficiently

-You will be able take advantage of our more advanced options in class programming!

Course outline: 

  1. Introduction. Explanation of the Tactical Strength Challenge. Basic rules, descriptions of the three events, reasoning behind including each movement in our training.
  2. General group warmup focusing on hinging and overhead position
  3. Deadlift: Review of hinge and kettlebell deadlift form followed by conventional and sumo deadlift form instruction. We will help you figure out which technique is best for you.
  4. Pullup: Hollow position review, lat activation drills, progressions, and pullup form instruction.
  5. Snatch: Two arm and one arm swing and overhead position review. Snatch instruction.
  6. It is also for anyone who wants to improve their proficiency in the barbell deadlift, bodyweight pullup or its progressions, and the kettlebell snatch. 


We are only charging $40 per person for a 4 hour workshop that will be action packed. Like we said, if you want to do the TSC or not you will become better at Deadlifting, Snatching, and Pullups, So this is a great opportunity regardless!

Register Now!

Train With Purpose

Yes I am ready to become more awesome at the barbell Deadlift, Pullup. and Kettlebell Snatch! (note this is registering for the Prep Course Only, not the actual TSC event)