It breaks my heart seeing young girls compare themselves to what they see on social media. It’s hard not to, I struggled with it throughout my high school and college years also. This is why I am so passionate about starting this program. With Photoshop and false information about weightlifting on social media, I want this program to be all about increasing self-confidence, learning to focus on performance goals more than physical appearance, and to grow confidence in weightlifting by learning proper technique. My goal is to help mentor these girls in starting out their fitness journey the right way, that strength and confidence doesn’t come from the number on the scale, but it goes by feeling confortable in your own skin. Your physical appearance should not dictate how you feel, it should not be the primary goal for working out, and you shouldn’t want to look like anyone else but yourself!

When I was in high school I had a personal trainer that helped me grow more confident in the weight room. He really made a positive impact in my life, but he just didn’t fully understand the pressure that comes from being a young female growing up in social media obsessed world. As a female athlete, trainer, and coach, I understand the Strength Training for Girlsdemands of “looking a certain way,” body image insecurities, and comparison. I had to learn on my own that focusing on performance goals over physical goals should be what fitness is all about! Yes, losing fat or gaining muscle in the process is a plus and you should be proud of those accomplishments, but only focusing on physical goals is draining and could cause you to burnout quickly. Fitness is important and fun, and I want to shine a new light on fitness for these young girls!

In this program you will learn how to train with the correct technique, you will gain strength, become more athletic, hit some amazing performance personal records, have fun, build friendships, and overall become fearless and a boss in the gym! Not only will your self-confidence grow, but also your confidence in how to train in any gym will grow. Any girl is welcome in this program, lifting experience or not, I want them all! I would love to work with you and cannot wait to mentor you throughout this program!