Rowing has become a very popular class in our weekly schedule. In our classes, we emphasize technique and form. Pick drills are used to help everyone start off on the right foot.

But what are pick drills?

Pick drills are the breakdown of the rower stroke. They are used at the beginning of a training session for a warm up and also to drill in technique and proper stroke mechanics. This is where your brain intentionally trains your body’s muscle memory to perform the stroke properly. As Coach Gail says, “If you can’t do it when you’re thinking about it, you won’t do it in your regular rowing.”

We start every class with pick drills and Steve starts every session with them, focusing on form to build proper technique.

Pick drills are usually done for a set number of reps or time. Try these next time you are on the rower. Complete 1 minute of each:





Join us for the Rower Technique Workshop on October 13th!

This workshop is designed to help you improve your rowing technique so that you can become more efficient, improve your time trials, and dial in your rowing ability.

During this workshop, you will receive a video analysis that will give you a second set of eyes so that you can fine-tune your technique. A certified coach will help break down the video and give you personalized coaching and advice.

Sign up by clicking here.

Seeing the video with your own eyes will help you connect your movement with the technique. And in doing so will help strengthen the muscle and brain connection.

Ultimately, the goal is to help you become more efficient so that you can become a better rower!

Here are the details for the workshop: 

  • Each participant will be videotaped and then receive a detailed analysis of their rowing technique along with a worksheet of things that need improvement and specific drills to help.
  • While each rower is being taped, the rest of the rowers will be doing a group workout. Rowers will be pulled out for taping.
  • The workshop will begin at 12 pm and run for approximately 2 hours dependent on participants.

Sign up today!

$79 for members
$99 for non-members

This workshop is limited to the first 10 people to sign up. Reserve your spot today before it fills up.

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