Thank you for visiting Tucson Strength (formerly Evolution Fitness Systems). We are a training facility that offers Group Training and One on One Personal Training Programs. We specialize in helping people move better and becoming more conditioned.  Our team hold’s national personal training certifications and specialty certifications in kettlebell training, mobility, endurance training, rowing, and corrective exercise.

We view Personal Training not as the role of just a motivator (really anyone can be a cheerleader), but also as an educator, and as professionals in human movement. Many trainers now a days watch a YouTube Video of how to do a cool new workout and pass it on to clients without any understanding of how that workout will specifically effect that person.

Anyone can set up a workout that will make you sore, but exercise is more than just sweat and soreness. We have thoughtful programs that vary from One on One Training to Small Group Training, so whether your goal is weight loss, corrective exercise, high intensity training, or powerlifting we have program that will help you achieve your goals. Our Training philosophy is always based on making sure proper movement patterns are always used and then we focus to build intensity and strength on a healthy foundation.


Danny Sawaya, CSCS, FMS-2, USPA Coach, StrongFirst TL,
Danny Sawaya, CSCS, FMS-2, USPA Coach, StrongFirst TL,OWNER/FOUNDER
Danny has been in the fitness and nutrition field for 20 years. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Nutritional Sciences then spent a few years studying, teaching, and researching metabolism and physiology. He then went on to become a personal trainer to put his knowledge to use.
Danny Holds the CSCS Certification, FMS Level 2, and is also a Team Leader with StrongFirst Instructor. He is also a state referee and Certified Coach for USPA Powerlifting Association . He is also the USPA Records Chair for the state of Arizona
Danny Specializes in coaching the sport of powerlifting, corrective exercise, and kettlebell training. He has worked with MLB Baseball teams and Olympians over the years, but loves working with everyday people wanting to become stronger.
Personally he has been has been a competitive powerlifter, completed a 70.3 Ironman, and runs half marathons. Danny is currently not taking on clients, as he working on growing Tucson Strength. He is still actively coaching the Tucson Barbell Club.
Steve Callahan, NSCA CPT, OS1, C2 Instructor
Steve Callahan, NSCA CPT, OS1, C2 InstructorPersonal Trainer
Steve started as a trainer over 10 years ago. He began his journey in health and fitness at 16 years old where he chose to take on a life of strength training and focus on his health.
Steve holds the Original Strength Level 1 Certification, NSCA-CPT, and is a Concept 2 Certified instructor.
He has a strong passion for learning and teaching everything health and fitness, from teaching the fundamentals to advanced concepts of of kettlebell training as well as teach the fundamentals of powerlifting. You will also see that he loves dancing as a day doesn’t go by without having him dancing in the gym.
Mike Moran, OS Instructor, CPT
Mike Moran, OS Instructor, CPTPersonal Trainer
Mike’s journey in fitness started when he reached 300lbs and went on a mission to lose over 100lbs. He started with Karate and in 2011 started training with kettlebells. Since then Mike has become a student of strength and began helping others.
Mike holds the ISSA personal training certification as well as an Instructor for Original Strength.
He specialize in movement and strength training using various modalities like crawling, rolling patterns, kettlebells, bodyweight training, barbells, etc. His goal is to help people unlock their bodies so they can move with freedom, strength, and have a life that is enjoyable.Movement and strength training are a key to having a healthy life.
When Mike isn’t in the gym he trains karate multiple times a week holding a current rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Enshin karate.
Christian Kruszewski, CPT, USPA Coach
Christian Kruszewski, CPT, USPA CoachPersonal Trainer,
Christian started with Tucson Strength when we first opened in 2010. His parents sent him to us so he could train to become more coordinated for sports. Fast forward 10 years later, Christian is now a Certified Personal Trainer and USPA Certified Powerlifting Coach on our staff.
He is truly a student and teacher of strength. He is certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association.
Christian does 1on1 Training and coaches our Tucson Barbell Club.He is also a full time student at the University of Arizona to studying Nutritional Sciences.
Aracely Favela SFG
Aracely Favela SFGKettlebell Instructor
Aracely started at Tucson Strength as one of our first members back in 2010. After a few years of following our system she took the leap to become a kettlebell Instructor and passed her SFG level 1 in 2014.
Aracely teaches our kettlebell and conditioning classes and she always has something special in store for the students in her class. She knows how to push them and come up with some creative programs.
When Aracely is not in the gym she is always staying physically active taking on new adventures from running races, obstacle course races or taking up a new hobby like golf or boxing.
Becky Myrick, PN1
Becky Myrick, PN1Operations Team/Instructor
Becky joined Tucson Strength as a member in 2015 and joined our team in 2018! Becky has her Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification also teaches some of our classes including the Strong & Healthy Woman Program. Besides coaching clients, she is also a key part of our Customer Service and Operations Management at the gym.
Becky leads a really active life whether training hard in the gym, riding her bike to work, or enjoying the out doors in Southern Arizona.
Kiristin Fink, BS, CPT
Kiristin Fink, BS, CPTPersonal Trainer
Kirstin played Division 1 volleyball at The University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She majored in Dietetics and is a Certified Personal Trainer through AFPA. She is currently coaching girls and boys volleyball and is still playing with an USA adult women league.

Kirstin started out at Tucson Strength as an intern to broaden her knowledge in training different clients and we were so impressed we brought her on to the team. Kirstin has a passion for personal training and wants to help others see the benefits of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. She is excited to be apart of Tucson Strength and to work with people to help achieve their goals.

Sergio Giardini
Sergio GiardiniInstructor
Serg has been a trainer for over 23 years. He has been with Tucson Strength since 2013 and he leads many of our early morning kettlebell classes as well as helps coach the Tucson Barbell Club Powerlifting Team.
Serg trains all walks of life, from the person that needs to move better, the elderly client looking to stay active, to the individual looking to put on strength and size.
When Serg has competed in Powerlifting in the past but now focuses mostly on mobility, body weight training, and yoga.
Jessica Vanasselberg
Jessica VanasselbergStrength Coach
Jessica has an extensive and impressive background in the sport of powerlifting. She has been involved in the sport since the early 90s and won the 1996 National Championship and best women’s lifter. She currently holds the Arizona State and National Records for the USPF womens submasters, and the @uspapower Arizona State and National Records for the womens masters in her weight class. Once we got to know Jess as a member of our community we knew we had to bring her on board as a coach. She has the heart of a teacher and always loves sharing her experience and passion for. the sport. Jess will be coaching some of our Barbell club hours as well as being available for 1on1 coaching. Please help us welcome her to the team!