Perfecting the Squat Seminar MAY 21st

//Perfecting the Squat Seminar MAY 21st

Perfecting the Squat Seminar MAY 21st

Have you been squatting and feel that it can be improved? 

Do you feel like your squat has hit a plateau?

Have you been wanting to learn how to squat safely and effectively to improve overall strength?

JOIN US SATURDAY MAY 21st, 9am-11am


  • Squat Prep and Mobility Drills
  • Set up and Breathing techniques
  • Assessing which squat style  is best for your body type. Should you use a high bar or low bar position? We will answer this question.
  • Should your feet be wide, narrow, pointed out, or strait? We will help you figure our your optimal position.
  • Executing the squat with explosive power.
  • Understanding how to program the squat as part of a general fitness routine vs. powerlifter.
  • This is a very hands on Seminar so come prepared to train!

Whether you are a novice, body builder, Crossfitter, or Powerlifter we will help you dial in your squat.

What Does it Cost?

USPA Powerlifting Meets Tucson

SATURDAY MAY 21, 9-11am

Yes I want to have an awesome squat!

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