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We believe in creating a training an inviting environment that will cater to the serious strength enthusiast as well as the beginner looking to start their journey. We offer amazing equipment not found anywhere else in Southern Arizona, but more importantly we understand the difference between a training environment and building made for mindless exercise. This isn’t big box gym and, we expect you understand the fundamentals of training and the ability to be safe. We are also a community gym that believes in respecting everyone. All members are required to follow our code of conduct(must read).

We aren’t going to compete on price with the Big Box Gyms. If you are are looking for cheap you can hit up the national chains around town. If you are looking for a better environment that isn’t overly crowded, and offers best equipment around, then you have found your new home.

We have recently added an OUTDOOR Training area and are getting ready to expand our outdoor offerings!

  • 6 Powerlifting Cages

  • 8 Deadlifting Platforms

  • Numerous adjustable competition benches and combo racks

  •  Olympic Weightlifting Platforms with Bars and Kilo Plates

  • Accessory Equipment- Including a belt squat, reverse hyper, and Hammer Strength 

  • Numerous Texas Powerbars, Deadlift, Squat, Buffalo, and Yoke Bars

  • 24ft Monkey Bar System/Cargo Net/Climbing Ropes

  • 20yd x 8yd Indoor turf

  • Air Assault Treadmills, Ski Ergs, Concept 2 Rowing, Jacobs Ladder, and some other unique cardio pieces


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