I have meal prepped many times over my life, and honestly had some of the best success I have ever had with weight loss and feeling healthy and fit. I actually enjoyed the process of prepping meals and taking ownership of my health.  I looked forward to my cooking and organizing my meals. Over the quarantine I grazed on the wrong foods, decided to eat ice cream often, and eat portions that made my belly feel full. I don’t usually eat like that, but the stress was real and I chose not to fight it. At the end of it all I was up about 8lbs. Worse than the weight gain was my energy levels. I was tired often and my joints were achy. I was putting foods in my system that were highly processed and my gut was taking a beating. When my guts take a beating I know my inflammation is high in my system.

I was very grateful to be open the gym again, and with that came a huge amount of increased stress. Working 12-14 hour days and being tired left me with little energy to focus on prepping food. It worked out perfectly that we had moved forward with Stay Naked Kitchen to open their East Side Store at our gym. I ll be honest I have eaten their food and enjoyed it in the past, but didn’t understand how people used them to prep many of their foods….. Till now.

I am seriously slammed busy right now and know I want to focus on my health, but I really don’t have the capacity to prep my food. I got to the gym at 6:30am this morning and I am closing the gym down at 10pm tonight. So I decided to go all in and hire Stay Naked to make nearly all my meals for the next 30 days. I jokingly told Cory Eckles, the owner of SNK that I had 30 days to look good naked again. Once I made that decision it seriously took a huge weight off my chest and I knew I would follow the plan. I know exactly how many calories I need to eat in a day, and each of their meals have a barcode that scans right into My Fitness Pal.  The only outside foods I will put in my body are raw vegetables. I will eat 1-2 meals on my own during the week. Yes, it will be expensive, but the ability for me to focus and plan without a ton of effort has been amazing and taken all the stress out of cleaning my act up.

I started on Monday, June 8th, and weighed in at 199.6lbs that morning. I was puffy and feeling horrible. (I won’t post pictures yet). I woke up today at 196lb and have had more energy than I have had in months.  Looking forward to seeing some amazing results this month. Goal is to be down to 189lbs by months end.

Oh and on another note, I absolutely love the food. It is great quality.

*As a side note, Besides the rent that Stay Naked Kitchen pays Tucson Strength, they are not compensating me to write any of this).