“Your focus determines your reality.” – Qui Gon Jinn – Jedi Master

Are you there to train with a goal or purpose or just to go through the motions?

Get into the PROCESS, Focus on what you are training on.

Going through the motions is movement but it is not INTENT.

This is especially true in Martial Arts. Karate for example. If you just move your body in and out of the positions without FOCUS and proper TIMING then you are just moving. With focus on the technique and the timing now you have the ability to STRIKE with intent.

The first thing we focus on in Original Strength is breathing with intent and focus. Does that mean you will have to do that all day? No. You start by unlearning what you have ingrained in your breathing pattern and regroove that more important diaphragmatic breathing. Focusing in on using that muscle to breath takes the stress from your body and allows you to move better in EVERYTHING. This can be applied to any strength endeavor like I explain below.

Scenario 1  you do five sloppy pull-ups with kipping and just dropping into your joints. You do not gain much other than wearing yourself out and possible damage to your joints and tendons.

Scenario 2 you do five pull-ups with INTENT and FOCUS on the process you will get a lot more out of them.You will have more TIME under TENSION which then will give you more adaptation in both your nervous system and muscles. Your body ADAPTS to what you do with it.

If your GOAL is to get better or do more pull-ups than you should do them like Scenario 2.

Focus on the moment. Set the tension in your muscles that you need to use and be mindful during the exercise. This will help you attain your goals.

Your MIND can be your most powerful tool if you FOCUS on your intention. Visualize the muscles and feel the tension. If you need help finding the tension with the exercise than we are all more than happy to help.

written by MIke MoranMike is one of our group instructors and personal trainers at Tucson Strength.  Mike specializes in Original Strength methods, bodyweight training, and kettlebells. 

Here is what some of our members who work with Mike have to say about their training: 

I have been doing OS with Mike two to three times a week for several months.   I initially found that the movements worked out the crunches and creaks in my joints.   In particular,  my neck and shoulders were often sore from my workouts and made lots of noise when I moved.  OS movements have alleviated all of those issues.  My entire body moves better.  I am able to do my workouts with greater strength and less issues to my joints.  On its own, it’s a great workout.  Added to regular workouts, it has helped me to lift heavy kettlebells without having the joint issues I had before.  I am much more flexible too! 


I started attending Original Strength class once a week at Tucson Strength in Fall 2016. After the first month (only four classes) I started noticing improvement in my flexibility, mobility, and strength. In the Winter of 2016, I injured my lower back. Between having a job sitting at the computer and over doing it in Kettle Bell classes, I thought I was going to have quit working out and head to physical therapy. When Mike heard I was injured, he invited me to meet with him one on one. During our first session, Mike listened to me explain the pain and expertly observed my mobility in the OS and kettlebell exercises. In that session and every session since, Mike has taught me how to best move in the exercises to build strength and increase mobility.  I experienced immediate relief from the back pain and remain pain-free over 10 months later. 


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