Hips stability and mobility


  • Basic squatting and hinging feels wrong or just weird 
  • You have trouble “waking up” your glutes and getting your abs to fire
  • You become unbalanced while doing low bar squats, deadlifts, or kettlebell swings
  • You have wobbly knees, buttwink, or twisting feet in your deep squats
  • You have chronic low back pain from tight hips or hamstrings or weak abs
  • You have struggled with getting the most out of your weighted carries and single leg exercises


  • Why the basic lower body patterns are important and how the hips and core come into play
  • Soft tissue work for the major involved muscle groups
  • Passive and loaded stretching movements and when to use each 
  • Basic activation for abs and glutes
  • Basic drills to quickly develop squat and hinge patterns 
  • Form on different exercises for core stability involving anti-rotation and anti-lateral flexion
  • Form and progressions for single leg exercises and weighted carries
  • Discussion of training and examples of workouts.”

WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP?This workshop is for those looking to improve their performance as well as  for trainers and coaches that want to have more tools to help their clients.WHEN: JUNE 24th, 10:30-1pm

WHERE: TUCSON STRENGTH 5252 E. Speedway Blvd

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