Strength Training Classes Tucson
Are you tired of the group training methods offered of just random acts of exercise and intensity?

Are you looking to learn the fundamentals of strength training in a small group training environment?

This program is structured to meet each participant where they are at and learn how to use barbells, dumbbells, and other tools to build a solid strength training program. Many people want to train in the gym, but don’t know how do train correctly to get results.

Most group training programs are a mash up of random acts of exercise and you are just a number in a class lead by a cheerleader. This is different. As you progress in the program we will be able to guide you and help you become more self sufficient in the gym while still having a coach to give feedback and adjust programming.

We do our best to give our participants the feel of personal training in a group setting.

We have offered this program for the past 3 years and it has been at capacity. We are Happy to launch a new group time!


Monday and Wednesday Evenings from 6pm-7pm