We are really excited to be offering a kettlebell introduction class this Saturday December 13th, at 10am at Evolution Fitness. The best part is Sr. SFG Jeremy Layport will be teaching this class. He is one of the most experienced Kettlebell Instructors in the country. If you have been wanting to try our services this is a great way to start. We are re-vamping our group training schedule as of January 1st and looking forward to a great start t02015. If you have been wanting to achieve your fitness goals and work with a certified personal trainer then this is the time to try us out for no charge!!. One more added bonus… If you come to the Kettlebell Intro Class this Saturday you will also receive a complimentary week pass to all of our Evolution Fitness classes. We have six StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell Instructors on staff, and we guarantee you will have the best instruction in town when it comes to learning technique. At Evolution Fitness we put together some smart and challenging programming that will help people move better, become strong and more conditioned. So whether fat loss, strength, or more energy is your goal our Fitness Training Programs are for you!