I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I can’t count the times people tell me “I tweaked my shoulder, I need to pause/cancel my membership”. What a load of crap. Ill be honest, that is what I am thinking, and I have told a few people that. For many people it is just an excuse. They don’t really like exercising or training and this gave them an out. Dominic has show what true Grit is about. Persevering through a catastrophic Achilles tear. This is an injury that will cause great athletes to retire or never be the same. I takes most people a year to feel close to normal again. Dom is 5 months out and has been crushing his recovery. He rehabbed his injury with Dr. Noah Abrahams from Applied Physical Medicine  and Tucson Sports Recovery (located in Tucson Strength)He has been our most consistent client. He was in here shortly after his surgery, hobbling around on a peg leg apparatus and putting in work on his opposing leg and upper body. You can see him in the gym today doing athletic movements and using both legs extremely well. He still has a road to recovery ahead of him, but he is months ahead of the curve for not giving up and being consistent through out. We did this short little 15 minute interview with him to get an insight into is process.