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Back Pain Therapy in Tucson

We see it on a daily basis at our gym. Many people come to us for consultations and tell us how they haven’t worked out in years because of issues with their back.  The CDC reports that 50 Million Americans suffer from chronic back pain! This means 20% of the US population has back pain most of the time. The truth is, this is often caused by lifestyle choices and daily habits that promote the back pain cycle to continue.

Chronic back pain can be caused by multiple factors: Old injuries, repetitive use from laborious jobs, sitting too much, stress, and over use. Unfortunately, the medical world isn’t always the best at fixing back pain. Taking pills for back pain has been a huge factor in the opioid crisis, and pain pills just mask the pain. Surgery can only be used in extreme situations, and many people end up suffering with the same symptoms post surgery.

At Tucson Strength we are specialized in helping people work through their back issues so that they can return to working on health and improving fitness instead of managing discomfort.

Our program will teach people how to restore lost movement patterns and work within their limits to increase healthier and pain free movement. We will work on improving breathing mechanics, mobility, and strength.  Coach Mike Moran will be leading our 4 Weeks to a Healthier Back Group. Mike is an instructor for Original Strength, which involves an amazing system of improving lost movement patterns.

Here are a some testimonials of Mike’s students that have seen great results from his programming.

Since I started training with you, I walk around smiling and laughing to myself for the capacity I now have, in such a short time, to do things that I have for years, been unable to do. This morning, doing yoga at home, I was able to do a complete triangle pose with my arm overhead. I don’t think that has ever happened. My shoulders are loose enough to do the pose. As you can tell, even getting up and down off the floor, while still a bit contorted, is better.
So, thank you! You are not only a gifted trainer and teacher, but a very kind and patient person as well.
Cherie K
I injured my lower back. Between having a job sitting at the computer and over doing it in Kettlebell classes, I thought I was going to have quit working out and head to physical therapy. When Mike heard I was injured, he invited me to meet with him one on one. During our first session, Mike listened to me explain the pain and expertly observed my mobility in the OS and kettlebell exercises. In that session and every session since, Mike has taught me how to best move in the exercises to build strength and increase mobility.  I experienced immediate relief from the back pain and remain pain free over 10 months later. “
Amanda T


4 Weeks to a Healthier Back is a program we designed for people get back on track with their fitness. The program will meet 3 times per week for 45 minute group training sessions.  We have the program capped at 8 people.


This Program kicks off  September 17th and will Run till October 12th

The group will meet Tuesday/Thursday 5:15pm, Saturdays 10:15am

If these times don’t work for you please contact us for some other options that we have.


The Cost of the 4 week program is only $149!

Please note we are not a medical program or therapists. If you are in excruciating pain we are happy to refer you to some medical practitioners we trust that can help you get on track to starting your journey fitness journey.  If you are unsure if this program is for you please contact us and we can set up a complimentary consultation to make sure this program is the right fit for you.

Do you want some exercises and tips to start working on your movement and back immediately? If so, opt-in below and we will send you some videos to get started on taking control of your back NOW! We promise not to overwhelm you with emails. Please check your spam folder.